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Flow of Conscienceness
Hands of Mercey Taking the Pulse
Into Light
Hands of Mercey Taking the Pulse


The Gaia Series

The Gaia series evolved out of the Time series, with Reflections in Time. The same painting technique I had used to illustrate metaphor in memory and quantum particle behavior worked very well to bring home the fact that all life is intimately related.

The main body of the Gaia series is based on trips I took, with a field biologist monitoring the ecological health of a site in Marin County, California. I did sketches and took photographs of the days we spent there, then combined my impressions later, in the studio.

The Live Oak tree, once common in California, was the focus of the study. Although not an endangered species, it has been threatened by over-development of the land and invasive, non-native species. Fortunately, it is recognized as an essential link in the ecosystem in the coastal mountains of the San Francisco Bay area, and is being monitored.

The three 36" x 48" paintings in the Marin County part of the series, include; Flow of Consciousness, Taking the Pulse and Into Light.

The contemplative figure featured in Flow of Consciousness is part of, not separated from the oak. Indeed, metaphorically, the consciousness of interdependency leads to the “flow of consciousness”, as it moves from the symbiotic realization into the meadow, symbolic of the universe.

Taking the Pulse features concern for the oak by the woman. The health of the oak and the health of the grass are evident. The woman featured in this piece not only touches the oak, she also monitors the energy of the entire species closely. Her examination is complete and impressive. Her touch is a form of healing communication.

The last of these pieces, Into Light is playful, and the oak has become a playmate. Having fulfilled the responsibility of determining the health of this hillside and meadow, Humankind is free to enjoy the sun-filled day in the embrace of the shady oak. The "light" flowing into the woman and the field is the light of consciousness.

Varieties of non-threatening grasses and flower, native to the area, are layered over the oak, and into the features of the female figures, in each of these paintings to illustrate the interdependence of all life and the healthy balance within the biosphere.

In addition to the three Marin County paintings, a painting I did in Eastham Massachusetts, and one that I did in Santa Cruz County, California are included.

The Eastham painting, Hands of Mercy is a double painting. It can be hung either with fingers up or fingers down. With fingers up, the observer is offering support and sustenance to the Universe. With fingers down, in times of need, the flow of nourishment returns to support and sustain the viewer.

The Santa Cruz painting is a variation on the familiar Virgin of Guadalupe pieces found all over Mexico. Swirls of DNA and a spiral universe are indicated, and the underwater world of Monterey Bay is included.

The Gaia series is a testament to the inter-relatedness of all life on the planet. We must approach our relationship with all persons and all species respectfully, with a nurturing, supportive attitude.

Lainey Sainte-Marie


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