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Lainey Sainte-Marie


Gaia Series - Lifeforce Vessels- Time Series        

Flow of Conscienceness
Hands of Mercey Angels 2
Into Light
Hand of Mercey Kwan Yin
Hand of Mercey


The Lifeforce Vessel Series

Coming across a fragile blue robin's egg fragment,

a fluff of down, an opalescent seashell we've all reflected on the fragility and strength of life.
These forms have held life, and although the lifeforce has departed

an echo of it's unique perfection remains as a gossamer thread of membrane,
a spiral of rhythmic ridges or an iridescent sheen.
Life leaves it's imprint in form and pattern.

The lifeforce within us and all around us is
uniquely interpreted and present in every being.
A tribe of communicating beings becomes
a society, whose expression of the lifeforce is
it's cultural identity.

In studying the beliefs of many different cultures
I have sought to experience the enriching (religious, philosophical) values of each.
I make a lifeforce vessel as I progress in understanding
the powerful flow of love that is at the heart of all.
I want to share that experience with you.
I want to touch you with the flow of universal, eternal infinite life that is
there in the act of creation and recreation.

Our bodies are electro-chemical wonders that allow us
to avail ourselves of life, and the lifeforce all around us.
We're given access to everything we need
in order to give back to life
by making our own contributions.

These pieces reflect the lifeforce as it has poured over and through me.
I imbibe some of it; grow, change, and secrete art
as a bivalve siphons seawater and leaves mother-of-pearl.
The art is not the goal.
The art is what remains on the shore at the ebbing of the tidal flow.


Lainey Sainte-Marie


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